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With more than three decades of knowledge.

The saga of Brodit begins in June 1983. Taxi driver Ebbe Johansson had bought his first mobile phone, he was sitting in his car trying to figure out where to place the receiver. Back then, mobile phones were not as handy as they are today. They were more like suitcases weighing about 20 kg (40 pounds) with a receiver big as a brick, so it was not that simple to find a good spot in the car. After the shift Ebbe went home to his garage and bent a piece of plastic which he attached to the dashboard. Perfect! The receiver was placed within easy reach without blocking anything, firmly in place without having damaged the interior. The first ProClip was born.
Ebbe's solution was soon noticed by his colleagues and he had to construct more mounting brackets. The demand grew and Ebbe founded Brodit; a company which today, more than three decades later, employs 130 people and exports to 30 countries. Throughout the years the product range has widened and thousands of holders have been produced e.g. for mobile phones, GPS devices, PDAs and surfp ads, but the ProClip is still Brodit's main product.