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Active adjustable holders with USB Type C

The adjustable holer is perfect for devices for which Brodit has not developed a model specific holder. Or for devices carried in a protective skin. The latest range comes with the new USB Type C charging cable. Adjust the holder to fit with your device and you will always have your device within easy reach in your car.

The holders are available with USB and cig-plug adapter or for fixed installation. The tilt swivel allows you to adjust the angle of the holder in order to avoid light reflections on the screen. Mount onto a ProClip mounting platform.

The following holders are available:

Size of holder USB-cable and cig-plug adapter Fixed installation
Width 62-77mm, thickness 6-10mm Item no. 521840 Item no. 527840
Width 62-77mm, thickness 9-13mm Item no. 521841 Item no. 527841
Width 62-77mm, thickness 12-16mm Item no. 521842 Item no. 527842
Width 75-89mm, thickness 6-10mm Item no. 521843 Item no. 527843
Width 75-89mm, thickness 9-13mm Item no. 521844 Item no. 527844
Width 75-89mm, thickness 12-16mm Item no. 521845 Item no. 527845