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Standard Duty Pedestal Mount

Pedestal Mount 11" with Magnetic mount, 88 mm. Total length: 247 mm. With ball head and wingnut. AMPS-holes.

A Standard Duty Pedestal Mount with Magnetic mount, for a stable installation of your device in any vehicle and on any smooth, flat metal surface. Easy to set in any angle and position thanks to ball heads which tilt 210° and swivel 360°. AMPS holes, compatible with all Brodit holders with tilt swivel. Color: Black. Rod made of aluminum, wingnuts made of plastic.

  • Item no: 202031
  • EAN: 7320282020316

  • Width: 88 mm
  • Height: 247 mm
  • Depth: 88 mm
  • Volume: 1913 cm³
  • Weight: 399 g

Product sheets: 231152.pdf