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Mounting plate

Extension plate, 145x50x5 mm. With predrilled AMPS-holes.

The extension plate makes it possible to attach to units onto the same ProClip, e.g. a PDA holder as well as a mobile phone holder. Comes with screws and adhesive tape on the back. With predrilled holes (AMPS-standard).


Dimensions: 145x50x5 mm.

  • Item no: 213053
  • EAN: 7320282130534






Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the place.  
1. Press a screwdriver (Philips) firmly through the predrilled holes in the Extension Plate to open them up. (As long as you are using the screws you don't have to peel off the cover of the adhesive tape)  
2. Place the Extension Plate onto the ProClip. Screw the Plate onto the ProClip using the enclosed screws.  
3 and 4. The Extension Plate is in place. You are now ready to attach two devices to your ProClip Extension Plate.