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MoveClip for Tilt swivel, with predrilled holes. 1 female + 1 male + 2 screws. 50 x 42 x 5 mm.

The Move Clip system is basically a female plate with a wide V-slot and a male plate that is shaped to fit into the V-slot in the female plate. The male plate slides into the female plate.


The female plate attaches to a mounting bracket or any kind of flat surface. The male plate attaches on the back of your device or on your device holder/cradle.


The Move Clip System can be used in vehicles, boats, RV's, walls, computer monitors etc. You can have as many of each part as you want to. This Move Clip Kit is for moving one device in and out of one vehicle.

  • Item no: 213093
  • EAN: 7320282130930