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Mounting bracket

Extra strength mounting platform for installation of heavier devices. You can keep your device in a holder or attach it directly onto the mounting platform. The placement is optimized for touch screens, PDAs, taximeter screens and printers. You will have your device within easy reach, safe and convenient! The installation is quick and easy and will not damage the interior. Detailed installation instructions included.

  • Item no: 213512 - Center mount, Extra strength mounting platform.
  • EAN: 7320282135126

Item no 213512 fits:

  • Ford E-Series 09-16 (For USA)





Please read the instructions and look at the pictures carefully before installing the bracket.  
1. Insert the thin end of the enclosed gap opener into the gap around the coin compartment.  
2. Remove the coin compartment. Make sure to detach the wire harness that might be attached to the back side of the compartment.  
3. Place the ProClip over the hole where the coin compartment used to be. Screw the ProClip into place using the enclosed screws. There is no pre-drilling required.  
4. The ProClip is in place.

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