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Heavy Duty ProClip

  • Item no: 213546 - Center mount, High Strength ProClip Mounting Platform
  • EAN: 7320282135461

Item no 213546 fits:

  • Jeep Gladiator 20 (For all countries)
  • Jeep Wrangler 18-20 (For all countries)





Please read all of the instructiona and look at the pictures before attaching the ProClip.  
1. Use the enclosed alcohol pad to clean the area where the ProClip is to be installed. Peel off the adhesive tape cover on the ProClip. Place the ProClip face plate centered above the display so the tab behind of the face plate rests on top of the dashoard.  
2. Press forward on the ProClip and hook  the J-shaped edge on the ProClip over the edge of the dashboard by the air vent, closest to the windshield.  
3. and 4. The ProClip is in place.