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Tilt swivel

Centered face plate with predrilled AMPS holes. Adjustable 20°.

With predrilled holes for Brodit holders and THB HF-kits. Can be angled 20° in every direction.

  • Item no: 215453
  • EAN: 7320282154530






Attention! Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the Tilt Swivel.

1. Unscrew the center screw and remove the faceplate

2. Place the base plate of the Tilt Swivel onto the ProClip dash mount (or any other mount or flat surface). Screw the plate to the ProClip dash mount using the enclosed screws. (As long as you are screwing the plate to the ProClip you don't have to remove the cover of the adhesive tape)

3. Place the attaching plate so the screw fits in the hole in the tilt swivel. Screw a few turns on the screw, just so the thread starts to pull. Pull the holder toward you and hold it slightly tensed, in the same time tighten the screw so the holder is pulled toward the tilt swivel. Tighten the screw until the holder is firmly in place, but still can be adjusted.

4. The Tilt Swivel is in place. You can attach any holder or car kit to the Tilt Swivel.