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Pedestal Mount with top

Swiveling pedestal mount 6" with MultiMoveClip. Swivels 300°. Face plates angled 10° and 20°. Total height: 262mm. Round mounting plate with diameter 100 mm, thickness 9 mm, 6 holes.

Fits for all Brodit holders with tilt swivel, perfect for a firm installation. The top part of the mount swivels 300°, fits well for use in e.g. shops with a payment terminal. Also two devices can be mounted, e.g. a rugged PDA and printer. The inclination of the mounting surfaces are 10° and 20°.


The MultiMoveClip allows for easy use of different holders since you can switch in only matter of seconds. The angle of the Pedestal Mount can be changed as desired.

  • Item no: 215523
  • EAN: 7320282155230

Product sheets: 231152.pdf

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