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Pedestal Mount for forklift

Fork lift mount. Adjustable to span between 5 mm up to 130 mm. Width between rods: 87mm. Screws in various lengths, nuts, washers and Allen keys included.

The fork lift mount can be mounted on square surfaces. Works perfect on for instance the rollbar on a fork lift. Multiple sets of AMPS holes makes the fitting of the base/top (item no. 215516) easy. Comes with complete set of screws of various sizes, allowing for the fork lift mount to span from 130mm to 5mm. Width between rods: 87mm.


Available in black only.

  • Item no: 215677
  • EAN: 7320282156770

Product sheets: 231152.pdf






Carefully read all instructions and review the images before installing this product.

1. Use the included hardware to create the desired width for the mount to
attach. Use four bolts and the two hex couplers for wider frames. Keeping the
two plates parallel, tighten one side and then the other as you fasten the mount
onto the frame.
2. Use two bolts with the washers and locking nuts for narrower frames.
3. Use the included machine screws and locking washers to attach a pedestal
base to the mount. (Pedestal sold separately)
4. The mount in place with pedestal attached. (Pedestal sold separately)

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