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Table Stand

Angled mounting platform with AMPS holes and milled groove.

The angled mounting platform can be placed on any flat surface, horizontally on a table surface, or vertically on a wall. The mounting surface has pre-drilled AMPS-holes fitting any Brodit holder with tilt swivel. There is also a milled groove to place for instance a surfpad into. The groove is about 240 mm wide and 10 mm thick. Screws for attaching the mounting platform enclosed.

  • Item no: 215841
  • EAN: 7320282158415






Please read the instructions and look at the pictures before installing the mounting platform.
1. Place the mounting platform on its desired place. Screw the mounting platform into place using the enclosed screws.
2. The mounting platform is in place.
3. Showing a surfpad place in the milled groove.
4. Showing a surfpad in a holder screwed into the mounting platform.

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