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Table Stand

With power cable. Two charging slots.

Charge the battery for your Zebra RS507 Ring Scanner in a convenient table stand and you will always have a freshly charged battery when it it time to work. The table stand is sleak and takes up minimum space on your desk. Two charging slots makes it possible to charge two batteries at the same time. A diode light indicates when the battery is fully charged.


Dimensions: 123x37x60 mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 175g


The Table Stand includes UK, US, EU and AU charging plug.

  • Item no: 215918
  • EAN: 7320282159184

Item no 215918 fits:

  • Zebra RS507 (For all countries)
  • Zebra RS507X (For all countries)





1. To place the battery: Place the outer side of the battery into the table stand and move it downward.

2. To remove the battery from the table stand: Press the battery sideways out from the table stand until it is set free, lift the battery upward and out from the table stand.

3. and 4. The table stand with and without battery in place.