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Pipe Mount with mounting plate

Fits diameter 29-40 mm. Mounting plate 50x40 mm. Pre-drilled dual AMPS-holes.

For installation of devices on pipes and rods/bars, for example most types of vehicles; motorcycles, boats, carts, stands, wheelchairs, airplanes etc. The mount has a mounting plate sized 50x40 mm with pre-drilled dual AMPS-holes. The mount fits pipes with diameter 29-40 mm. Made in blackm coated aluminum.

  • Item no: 215969
  • EAN: 7320282159696

Product sheets: 231152.pdf






Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the product.
1. Hold the mount in the desired position on the pipe.
2. Peel off the covers of the rubber strips. Attach one of the rubber strips onto the pipe, in the same height as the upper part of the mount. 
3. when you use the wingnut-screws, it is easier to install and to move the pipe mount. Attach the pipe mount with the enclosed wingnut-screws.
4. The pipe mount is in place.