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With locking tab. With AMPS-holes.

With your Zebra PD40 place in a mount you will always have it within easy reach. The mount has a locking tab that helps keep your device into place without the risk of falling.


The mount has AMPS-holes for easy attachment on your mounting surface of choice.

  • Item no: 215982
  • EAN: 7320282159825

Item no 215982 fits:

  • Zebra PD40 (For all countries)





Read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before installing the mount.  
1. Place the mount onto the desired position.  
2. Attach the mount by screwing it into place with the enclosed screws.  
3. To place the device onto the mount: Place the back side of the device onto the mount. Slide the device downward until it snaps into place in the mount.  
4. The mount is in place.