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Table Stand

Start your workday with a freshly charged unit! This is the solution for you who want to have charging to your Captuvo in the office.The tablestand offers a convenient charging solution and does not take much space. The device is easy to place into the tablestad. The charging starts automatically when you put the device in the stand

  • Item no: 216035
  • EAN: 7320282160357

  • Width: 115 mm
  • Height: 122 mm
  • Depth: 120 mm
  • Volume: 1684 cm³
  • Weight: 401 g

Item no 216035 fits:

  • Honeywell Captuvo for iPhone 7 (For all countries)





Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the holder.

1. Connect the charged connector to the holder. Pull the cable through the table stand as shown.

2. Place the holder so that the holes fit the table stand.

3. Screw the holder with the enclosed screws.

4. The desk stand is fully assembled.