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This mount offers an easy and secure way to mount your printer. Combining functionality and convenience, Brodit products contribute to an improved working environment. Custom made mount with a perfect, firm fit. Attach onto a Pedestal Mount or a high strength ProClip mounting platform.


With AMPS-holes. Made of high grade ABS plastic. Color: black. Made in Sweden.

  • Item no: 216072
  • EAN: 7320282160722

  • Width: 121 mm
  • Height: 155 mm
  • Depth: 33 mm
  • Volume: 619 cm³
  • Weight: 174 g

Product sheets: 236152.pdf

Item no 216072 fits:

  • TSC Alpha-3RW (For all countries)





Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures beore attaching the holder.

1. To attach the holder onto the printer: Loosen the screw in the back of the holder and remove the small lower part. Hook one side of the upper part of the holder onto the upper part of the printer, then hook the other side into place. Flip the holder downward so it rests along the back side of the holder.

2. Slide the small lower part into place and attach it with the screw. The holder is in place onto the printer.

3. To attach the holder: Place the holder in the desired position and attach it with the enclosed screws.

4. The product is in place.