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Table Stand

4 way desktop charging dock. With power cable.

Brodit has developed a desktop charging dock for simultanious charging of four phones. The charging dock is used by haulage contractors, warehouses, schools and offices, as well as within health care, police and civil protection; everywhere where the device are used in daily operation. The desktop charging dock can handle up to fore devices simultaneously, it takes up minimum space and if using many phones, several charging docks can be neatly placed next to each other.


’Grab-and-go’:  You can easily grab your phone on the go. The dock charges the device via pogo pins. Just place the device in the charging dock and the charging starts instantly. The desktop charging dock is provided with cellular rubber feet

so it will not slide on the table surface.

  • Item no: 216127
  • EAN: 7320282161279

  • Width: 251 mm
  • Height: 71 mm
  • Depth: 160 mm
  • Volume: 2851 cm³
  • Weight: 1573 g

Item no 216127 fits:

  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro SM-G715 (For all countries)





Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures.
1. Connect the cable to the charging dock.
2. Place the device straight down into the charging dock.
3. Do NOT place the device incorrectly in the charging dock.
4. The product.