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Table Stand

4-way desktop charging dock. With power cable, worldwide adapters included. Fits for devices with USB Type-C charging.

Brodit has developed a desktop charging dock for simultanious charging of four units with USB Type-C charging. The charging dock is used by haulage contractors, warehouses, schools and offices, as well as within health care, police and civil protection; everywhere where your tablets and mobiles are used in daily operation. The desktop charging dock can handle up to fore devices simultaneously, it takes up minimum space and if you using many units, several charging docks can be neatly placed next to each other.


The desktop charging dock is provided with cellular rubber feet so it will not slide on the table surface. Made of high grade black ABS/Acetal plastic. Color: black. Made in Sweden.

Charging specification:

- Output Connector Type: USB, 5 ports
- Output Voltage: 5V
- Output Current: USB 5V 2.4A (Total output current 8A single port maximum output 2.4A)
- Output Voltage Ripple: 200mV pk-pk at Max Load
- Input Voltage Range: AC 110V~240V 50/60HZ
- Input Current: 0.8A (30A at peak)
- Input Current with No device attached: 0.005A
- DC-DC Conversion Efficiency: Over 85% Typical
- Rated Power: 40W
- Dimensions: 89x64x30 mm (WxLxH).
- Weight: 129g.

- Made of black Acetal plastic.

  • Item no: 216202
  • EAN: 7320282162023

  • Width: 251 mm
  • Height: 160 mm
  • Depth: 97 mm
  • Volume: 3896 cm³
  • Weight: 1420 g