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Passive holder

With swiveling top support for an extra firm installation.

The choice for you who want to have you PDA firmly in place, properly attached and still within easy reach. The holder has a strong, robust design to withstand rough handling in professional use. The swiveling top part keeps your device extra securely in place in the holder, it "locks" the device in the holder so that it can not shake the least. It is easy to place the PDA in the holder, and to take it with you when leaving the vehicle. You can attach e.g. a charging cable to the device while in the holder. Attach onto a ProClip Mounting Platform or a Pedestal Mount.

  • Item no: 510875
  • EAN: 7320285108752

Item no 510875 fits:

  • Zebra TC8000 (For all countries)
  • Zebra TC8300 (For all countries)





Please read all of the instructions and  look at the pictures before attaching the holder.
1. Place the holder onto the desired position.
2. Attach the holder into place using the enclosed nuts and screws.
3. To place the device in the holder: Place the upper part of the device in the holder, then press the device forward and upward so it snaps into place in the holder. Turn the swiveling top support sideways in order to "lock" the device in place in the holder.
To remove the device from the holder: Turn the swiveling top support sideways in order to set the device free. Press upward on the lower part of the device, in the same time pull the device out and down from the holder.
4. The holder is in place.

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