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Active holder with cig-plug

Are you using a two-way radio every day in your work? Then a Brodit active holder will make your days much easier! By keeping the device in an active holder, you will always have it within easy sight and reach while driving between jobs. Not only that; the holder also supplies a fully charged battery at all times.

Attach onto a ProClip Mounting Platform.

  • Item no: 530991
  • EAN: 7320285309913

Item no 530991 fits:

  • Zodiac Neo BT 31 (For all countries)





Charging Specifications:  
Battery Chemistry: Li-ion or Li-Poly batteries  
Compatible batteries: HNN4003A, HNN9013DR, JMNN4023BR, JMNN4024  
Input Voltage: 11-30 V  
Charging Voltage: 8.4 V  
Timer for Max. Charging Time: Automatic, stops at 8.4 V  
Max. Charging Time: 2-3 hours depending on battery capacity  
Rapid Charge: 1,2 A +/- 5%  
Trickle Charge: 0 to 50 mA  
LED Charging Indicator: LED Red to Green indicator  
Temperature Control: Controlled by battery and charger  
Operating Temperature: -40° C to + 50° C / -40° F to 122° F  
(can be restricted by battery chemistry)  
EMI/RFI: CE, E, FCC Part 15 Class B, ICES-003 Class B  
Environmental: RoHS Compliant  
Electrical Testing: ISO 7637 and SAE J1455  
Input Transient Protected: Withstands +150V & -450V.  
A 2,5A fuse is mounted on the incoming supply.  
Output Short Circuit Protected: The charger will supply a maximum current of 1,2 A which protects both the charger and the connected equipment. The current limit is set to standards of the producer and shall not be higher.

Attach your holder onto a ProClip!

You need two parts; a ProClip for your car, and a holder for your device. Find the correct ProClip for your vehicle here: