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The ProClip is a mounting bracket for the vehicle’s dashboard. Onto the ProClip you can install e.g. a holder for your mobile phone or PDA or a handsfree set etc. Safe and convenient -always within easy reach. The ProClip is car specific and easy to install. The installation is quick, no special tools or dismantle of the dashboard is required and it will not damage the interior of the vehicle. Made in black ABS plastic. Comes with detailed instructions.

  • Item no: 853221 - Angled mount
  • EAN: 7320288532219

Item no 853221 fits:

  • Toyota 4Runner 03-09 (For all countries)





Attention! Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the ProClip.

1. Open the glove compartment door. Peel off the cover of adhesive tape on the ProClip. Place the curved edge on the left side of the ProClip towards the gap between the climate control panel and the center console edge.

2. Press the curved part into the gap and flip the ProClip to the right, towards the glove compartment.

3. Press the thin end of the enclosed gap opener into the gap in the center console sidewall, to widen it. At the same time: press firmly forward on the right side of the ProClip so the angled edge goes into the gap above the gap opener. Press until you see or hear/feel it snaps into place. Close the glove compartment door.

4. The ProClip is in place.

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