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Active holder with cig-plug

Only for 1000 mAh battery.

The Vehicle Charging Cradle is custom made for a perfect fit. The cradle holds a two-way radio in an upright position for better reception. Each has a cigarette lighter charging cord permanently attached to the cradle with built in contact points for the battery. Utilizing a Delta-V charging technique, the cradle provides rapid and trickle charging. The Vehicle Charging Cradle can accommodate original battery sizes for a variety of two-way radios. Each cradle has a number of features such as a security timer, overheat sensor, and LED indicator to show that charging is in progress. The indicator changes from red to green when fully charged. Attach onto a ProClip Mounting Platform.

  • Item no: 982470
  • EAN: 7320289824702

Item no 982470 fits:

  • Zodiac PA 2099 (For all countries)
  • Zodiac PA 4099 (For all countries)
  • Zodiac PA 5099 (For all countries)
  • Zodiac PA 5499 (For all countries)

General discription:  
- Stops on minus delta V  
- Timer for maximum charging time  
- Possibility of temperature-control with NTC-resistor  
- LED status changes when battery is maximum charged  
Input voltage: 10-30 V  
Max. charging time: 80 min  
Fast charging current: 650 mA  
Trickle charge: 6% of maximum fast charging current  
Restart: Possible. Only with an exact number of cells  
Battery voltage: 12 V  
Number of cells: 10  
Serial diode in battery: Yes  
Quiesent current: 50 mA at trickle charge

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