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Vibration damper

Vibration dampener, hard. For installations weighing up to 4000g.

An accessory for reducing vibrations and chocks, for use in rough environments. Is to be placed between the holder and the mounting platform. Can be used for installations weighing up to 4000g. Builds 15mm.

  • Item no: 216171
  • EAN: 7320282161712

  • Weight: 75 g

Product sheets: 231152.pdf






Read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before the installation.
1. 4 vibration dampers, 8 M4 washers, 4 M4x8, 4 M4x10.  
2. Vibration dampers.
3. Place the vibration pads on the back side of the holder. Use the short screw with small head to fasten the pad onto the holder. Place the holder onto the desired position and screw into place, for mounting surface ≤ 3mm thick use the short screw.
4. The Vibration dampener is in place.