Mounting bracket

Extra strength mounting platform for installation of heavier devices. You can keep your device in a holder or attach it directly onto the mounting platform. The placement is optimized for touch screens, PDAs, taximeter screens and printers. You will have your device within easy reach, safe and convenient! The installation is quick and easy and will not damage the interior. Detailed installation instructions included.

Item no 213472 - Center mount, Extra strength mounting platform

EAN: 7320282134723

Item no 213472 fits:

  • Chevrolet Express 08-16 (For all countries)
  • Chevrolet Van 08-16 (For all countries)
  • GMC Safari 08-16 (For USA)
  • GMC Van 08-16 (For all countries)





Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the ProClip.  
1. Use the enclosed alcohol pad to clean the area where the ProClip is to be installed. Press the thin end of one of the enclosed gap openers into the gap between the climate control panel and its surrounding panel frame, to widen the gap. Peel off the cover of adhesive tape on the ProClip. Hold the curved edge on the lower part of the ProClip in a 45 degree angle towards the dashboard  
2. Press the curved edge on the lower part of the ProClip into the gap next to the gap opener. Pull out the gap opener.  
3. Press both gap openers into the gap on top of the dashboard. Flip the ProClip forward and push firmly forward on the upper part of the face plate so the angled edge on the upper part of the ProClip goes into the seam/gap between the gap openers. Push until you see or hear/feel it click into place. Pull out the gap openers.  
4. The ProClip is in place.