Mounting Adapter and Screws Included. Black.

A versatile multi stand which is perfect for you who use your iPad in several places. You easily place the iPad in the stand, it is then firmly attached wherever you go! Convenient to use anywhere at home, in the car or in the office.
When using the multi stand it is easier to carry the iPad around with you. It diminishes the risk to drop it, since the stand is easier to grip than the device itself. You can use the stand in several angles, just adjust the position depending on area of use. Also adapted for use in the lap.
You can connect e.g. a charging cable to the iPad when it is in place in the stand, all buttons and connectors are easy accessable. You can easily switch between landscape and portrait mode.
You can attach the stand onto a wall, or any other place, by using the enclosed mounting adapter. If you want to be able to attach the stand onto more than one place, you can buy several mounting adapters (see item no 215461).
Tablets should not be installed onto a car's dashboard if blocking the view or key controls. ProClip is designed for use with smaller devices like smartphones. If you want to place a tablet onto a dashboard, each combination of tablet-car must be examined in detail by yourself in order to determine if such an installation is possible in the specific case. Brodit will not give any recommendations for such installations. An installation of a tablet onto a vehicle's dashboard is always done on the customer's own responsibility.

Item no 215473

EAN: 7320282154738

Item no 215473 fits:

  • Apple iPad 1 (A1219, A1337) (For all countries)





Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the holder.
1. The multi stand. To install the table stand: Press the mounting adapter on the back side of the holder downward, so it slides out from the groove. Place the mounting adapter into desired position and screw it into place with the enclosed screws.
2. Place the iPad above the mounting adapter and press it downward so the mounting adapter fits into the groove. Press until you hear/feel it snaps into place. To remove the holder: Pull the holder straight upward, away from the mounting adapter.
3. To place the iPad in the holder: Place the lower part of the iPad in the holder, then flip/press the upper part forward so it snaps into place in the holder.
4. To remove the iPad from the holder: Press upwards on the upper part of the holder, in the same time pull the upper part of the iPad out from the holder and then lift it up and out from the holder.